Product Care



Thank you for allowing me to create your keepsake art.  Each piece is such an honour and privilege to make.

Your DNA or Breastmilk Keepsake has been designed to last for years to come but only if cared for correctly, so please read and keep the following instructions.

Avoid Sun Exposure

I use the highest quality resin, resistant to UV light.  However, please take care to avoid any of your keepsake pieces from prolonged or unnecessary sun exposure.  This can, and will, cause yellowing to your piece.  To avoid yellowing or deterioration to your jewellery, please remove your items if you are using cleaning products, pesticides, lotions, perfumes, soaps or harsh chemicals of any kind.

Avoid Water Exposure

Although your jewellery is water-resistant, please remove your piece when you are swimming, gardening, showering, washing dishes, doing housework or sweating (such as when you go to the gym, on a run, or on a hot day).  Avoid excessive heat exposure as heat will compromise the integrity of your piece due to the resin medium that is used.  If you are wearing a pendant, please avoid wearing it down your top or cleavage.

Handle with Care

Please handle your piece with love and care. Wear and tear can and does happen so please be mindful to avoid scratching, dropping or bumping your piece.  For wire-wrapped pieces, they can become unravelled if not cared for in a gentle and careful manner.  Clean your jewellery or ornaments with a microfibre cloth or with anything used for sterling silver – a silver polishing cloth will work beautifully!

Please handle your piece with the same love and care with which it was made, so that it will last for years to come.

I would really love and appreciate your feedback on my Facebook page by way of a review, or you can contact me directly.

Big love,

Owner and Founder of Blue Bird Keepsakes